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YMAP Limeys JuiceSmoothies Cafe Releases

[YMAP] Limey’s Juice&Smoothies Cafe – Releases


Hi, I’m Beren “Hanes” Sari from Hane Mapping. That’s my first ymap without mlo. It’s a basic start but better ones will coming soon.

LimeysSmoothie.rar (2.2 MB)

X:-1250,301 Y:-747,4828 Z:24,07241

Extra Info
-This work has not a mlo for this reason it can be situations such as raining inside and something like that. [Mlo version will coming soon too]

-In rar file there are 2 folders, one of them is the ymap folder and other one is a codes of sitting animation.

FPS Values(On localhost)

Installation(for FIVEM)
-Open resources on your fivem server folder and move “LimeysSmoothie” folder to your server folder.

-Start LimeysSmoothie on your server.cfg

Sitting Animation Installation
-Open resources on your fivem server folder and move “LimeysChair” to your server folder.
-Start LimeysChair on your server.cfg

Ymap Video

Made by Hane Mapping


Original source:

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