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xnCayoPerico smooth Cayo Perico transition Free Releases

xnCayoPerico (smooth Cayo Perico transition) [Free] – Releases


This resource requires you to be running build 2189, you can activate it by adding "+set sv_enforceGameBuild 2189" to your server launch parameters. It may or may not work with streaming versions of Cayo Perico, I haven't tried.

Hey guys I have been unsatisfied with the current methods of travel to Cayo Perico so I tried to think of a nice new method without having to move the map (which would break a bunch of things that can’t easily be moved)

So I have come up with this. So basically what I have done is created a fake low quality (LOD) version of Cayo Perico and Los Santos. The fake version of Cayo Perico is located far out to the east of Los Santos and you can choose to travel there by boat/plane or if you really want swimming, once you get within a certain range of the fake island a little loading transition will occur. This will teleport the player/vehicle, deactivate the real Los Santos, activate the real Cayo Perico and activate the fake Los Santos. So to you it will feel like you are in the exact same place, but in reality you have travelled pretty far. Behind you in Cayo Perico will be the silhouette of the fake Los Santos to make you feel like it’s still off the coast instead of right next to the docks where it actually is. Turning around and driving/flying/swimming back towards Los Santos will do the opposite and transition you back there.

I have included a couple of events in the script to help you integrate it with your existing resources, for example an event will fire when entering/leaving Cayo Perico on the server and the client 'IsInCayoPerico' is the name of the event. It send true or false to help you determine where the player is.

There are 2 other events 'EnableCayoPerico' and 'DisableCayoPerico' these can be manually called to do exactly what they say. But be warned they will only work correctly when you are within the right locations. These would best be used with reactiving Cayo Perico when loading back in if you left in that spot. I’ll be leaving that up to you guys, Sorry I won’t help you achieve this in ESX/vRP.

Note: You may need to expand the world limits to stop your vehicle from dying in Cayo Perico or behind it, you can do so by firing ExtendWorldBoundaryForPlayer with expanded limits twice.

Anyway, here is the download. Enjoy. (149.4 KB)


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