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VehicleTransport Easy attach and detach Vehicles Releases

VehicleTransport – Easy attach and detach Vehicles! – Releases


Hello everyone!
This time I bring to you my vehicle transportation script!

What exactly is “VehicleTransport” and what can you do with it?
VehicleTransport is a script that allows you to use common transport vehicles to transport other vehicles! See for yourself what can be done in this video:

Features (v1.0)

  • By default 15+ vehicles (flatbed, trflat, benson, mule, mule2, mule3, mule4, pounder, pounder2, skylift, titan, cargoplane, wastelander, armytrailer, boattrailer, freighttrailer) are defined as transport vehicles.
  • No commands needed for playing! Everything can be done ingame!
  • Go to the back of a transport and press the button to deploy a ramp (if the transport has one defined).
  • Drive onto the transport and press a button to attach / detach the vehicle.
  • Fully Multiplayer compatible. It does not matter who deployed the ramp or who attached a vehicle. Anyone can interact with anything!
  • You can drive onto a moving truck and attach your vehicle. Or detach from a moving truck.
  • Set the maximum speed a transport vehicle can move at, if the ramp is still deployed (see config.ini)
  • Enter DebugMode, so you can define your own transport vehicles (e.g. if you use mod vehicles) by using a series of commands (see tutorial below).
  • Default language for the help texts and notifications is english, but this can be changed in the config.ini.
  • Script can be restarted at any given time!
  • Compatible with basically everything? Let me know if you find any issues!

How can I attach a vehicle to another one?

  • Get to any sort of transport vehicle.
  • If it has a ramp, go to the back of it and press the respective button (shown in a help text).
  • Get into your vehicle and drive onto the transport.
  • Come to a halt and press the respective button (shown in a help text).
  • A notification shows, if the vehicle was successfully attached.
  • To detach the vehicle, get into it again and press the same button.
  • You can then drive off of the transport again.

How can I define a new transport vehicle?
If you want to define your own transport vehicles (e.g. Mod Vehicles), you need to first of all go into the config.ini and set DebugMode to true. Then restart the script.

  • Make sure there is enough clear space around you.
  • Get the vehicle you want to define as a transport.
  • Now type in the command “transport NAME” where you replace NAME with the name of the vehicle (e.g. “transport flatbed”). This is just, so you can identify it later. It could be named anything.
  • Now type the command “min”. This allows for adjusting the minimum restraints of the loading area. You use WASD to move it left right, forward and backward and 8 and 5 on the numpad for moving it up and down.
  • Now type the command “max”. This is the same as for min and is the maximum restraint.
  • If your transport needs a ramp defined, type the command “rampmodel MODELNAME” where you replace MODELNAME with the name of the ramp model (e.g. lts_prop_lts_ramp_02 for most of the vehicles I defined). You can also move it with the same keys.
  • Once you are happy with everything, type the command “save”
  • You can now copy the .json string from your server console into “transportData.json” in the scripts folder.
  • Restart the script, to see if you did everything correctly.
  • If there are no errors: Congrats! You now have a new transport vehicle!

Known Issues

  • driving onto the truck at an angle (not forwards) while the truck is on a slope results in a weird attach angle. I’ll fix that as soon as I got behind the maths there.

Where can I get this?
This script is currently purchasable for 4.50€ (without tax) at:


Original source:

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