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Vehicle Spawncode Renamer Releases

Vehicle Spawncode Renamer – Releases


I have created a second script now, all for ease of development. This script is designed to open the meta files, check for the old spawncode and update it with the new one, as well as also editing the stream files.

Installation Instructions

  1. Install the script here
  2. Ensure you have Node.JS installed on your computer
  3. Place your pack / vehicle into the car folder, it can also be a pack, it just does 1 at a time
  4. Run the BAT file and enter the current spawncode and the one you want to change it to
  5. After the BAT file closes, check it worked, then you can remove the files from the car folder and use it

Please report any issues or bugs below or on the github page so I can take a look! Any suggestions will also be looked at :slight_smile:


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