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Tutorial fiveM Resources , Add-ons , PED’s (Skins) – Modding Tutorials

FiveM Modding Tutorial

I am open to suggestions, any mistake let me know in private that I will fix.

I translated this tutorial using google translator (originally I wrote it in Portuguese but I decided to translate it to give the possibility of several other people reading it), so in case there is some grammar error, Iā€™m sorry.

FARDA = Uniform used by Brazilian police and paramedics.

PM = Military Police

SAMU = Paramedics who take urgent care (in ambulances)


There is a link from a Brazilian Discord called FiveM Devs Brazil, it has an international chat that allows anyone to communicate.

Lambda Menu + Tutorial
FiveM Dev Brazil
FiveM Brazil
Notepad ++

Hey, everyone, okay? So, I come here today to provide a tutorial on how to install
Replaces, Add-ons and PEDs (Skins) in FXServer this almost work in VRpex ou anything like it , but only for fiveM. :mascot:

All template links will be available right below