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Turning off vMenu Voice Chat, Forcing Mumble VoIP – Server Tutorials


I’ve seen a few people having issues where vMenu takes over in-game chat, instead of using Mumble VoIP, here’s how to disable vMenu’s voice chat permanently, as well as disabling it for server admins as well.

You can use any code editor I recommend Visual Studio Code or Atom, but you can use your preferred editor.

1. Open up permissions.cfg in vMenu

2. Go to code line 512

3. Where you see add_ace builitin.everyone "vMenu.VoiceChat.Menu" allow should look like this here #add_ace builitin.everyone "vMenu.VoiceChat.Menu" allow now this should look like this below.

This will disable voice chat entirely for vMenu, and should let Mumble VoIP work correctly. If your still having issues, feel free to comment and I’ll help out the best I can.



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