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TronDeadline bike trails Releases

Tron/Deadline bike trails – Releases


A fundamental implementation of the GTA:O Deadline gamemode, besides it’s not the gamemode half, it’s simply the path impact for the shotaro bike.

Config options

There are no config options.
If you want to change something go look in the code.
I’ve marked 3 somewhat configurable constants in the main class.
I’ve also added comments to pretty much everything, so good luck.


  • The trail color is based on the vehicle color combination. Custom paint’s won’t work, you have to use vehicle color combinations.
  • Trail disappears when you get off your bike.
  • Music events are triggered whenever you get on the bike and they stop when you get off again.
  • Deadline screen effects.
  • You can only see your own trail. Effects are not synced with other players.





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