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TokoVOIP is a client-sided Teamspeak plugin and script for FiveM, that adds a high quality voice chat experience to your server. It is perfect for roleplay purposes.

About Tokovoip

TokoVOIP is a client script and TeamSpeak script plugin that adds another voice chat to FiveM to provide higher quality audio and more control.

It overall works like TFAR from Arma three. You be part of a waiting TS channel and once you’re in-game and also the script is running: your TS name gets modified, it moves you to the organized game channel and payoff to handle the opposite player’s audio.

The only draw back is that the would like for a 3rd party software system with TeamSpeak.
It supports but several players you would like thus it works with OneSync.

I simply felt like open sourcing it currently, so enjoy!

The code’s not nice, API even less thus, however it works and that i ne’er took the time to redo it since the first prototypes.

I’m hospitable pull requests, rejoice forking it!

You can scan a lot of concerning it, and the way it works on the GitHub repo.

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TokoVOIP features

Features of the plugin

  • Proximity-based audio
  • Directional audio
  • Radio system
  • Phone calls
  • Radio effects
  • Radio clicks


  • Installation

    • Download the .ts3_plugin file.
    • Double-click the file and install it to your Teamspeak 3 client.
    • Important: Teamspeak 3 has to be closed.

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