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[GUIDE] use RADMIN VPN to play with associates. – Server Tutorials

Good day Boards! Serena Ok. Again with a fast information on how one can play with your pals if you do NOT have entry to a portforwarded router or if you can’t afford to purchase a VPS. This discussion board submit is devided in 3 sections. I’ll cowl all from putting in the VPN […]

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[How-To] Improve Windows Server experience (Remote connection) – Server Tutorials

Hello all, I’ve recently acquired a dedicated server with Windows Server 2019 but became tired of the constant lagging/high latency from connecting via remote desktop even though I have well surpassed the internet requirements. I’ve found a great solution to access your Windows server remotely using a program called Parsec. When working on my FiveM […]

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[FX-Server] How to install FX Server on Centos 7 – Server Tutorials

Please note, you will need basic Linux experience for this. I’ll try to make this as “beginner” friendly as possible. Ensure you are logged in as root You will need to run all of the following commands before we can start. setenforce 0 yum update -y yum install wget screen nano git -y Run all […]

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Create ServerRTC for GCPHONE (OneSync) – Server Tutorials

Hello, everyone,Today I will show you how to create a serverRTC for the GCPHONE.I warn in advance sorry if my English is not perfect :’( Windows : Thanks to @Kullweet for windows First step : Download: simple-turn-windows-386.exeor in relation to your operating systemsimple-turn-windows-amd64.exe here Second step : Open the “powershell” as administrator.Once the “powershell” […]

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[How to] JSON with FiveM – Server Tutorials

So, when I was learning JSON with FiveM I couldn’t find any tutorials on how to use it, so here we go. Inserting an array into a JSON file local loadFile= LoadResourceFile(GetCurrentResourceName(), “./fileNameHere.json”) local information = {name = “w00pi the legend”, age = 17, coolness = 1000} SaveResourceFile(GetCurrentResourceName(), “fileNameHere.json”, json.encode(information), -1) ^^That will insert the […]

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FIX – Server not showing up in List – Server Tutorials

Hi, So lately i have seen people having trouble with having their server not showing up in the Server List.Here are some fixes that worked for me or for other people. Port forward ports 30110 and 30120 TCP/UDP or ports you are using for your server in your firewall or router Sometimes ESX tells you […]

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How to set up automatic database backups – Server Tutorials

Today I will be showing how to set up automatic database backup without installing additional scripts to your FiveM server. This method has only been tested on Windows but the thread contains a LINUX CRON job guide, feedback is appreciated. Required Server with remote access ( Remote desktop connection for Windows, Putty for Linux ) […]

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Jeva – Start Somewhere in FiveM Scripting – Server Tutorials

Amazing series, very unappreciated in my opinion. One of Jeva’s videos popped up in my featured page for YouTube and I clicked on it, not only is it thorough, but it is has very calm music playing in the back I watched almost all of his videos a while back and it really got me […]

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