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FiveM backpacks

Backpack Collection

A big collection of backpack skins! With real brands. FiveM ready | 126 pieces

fivem clothes

FiveM Clothing Pack (Male)

With real brands! (you may need a patreon key for this) Real brands Shoes/Jackets/Shirts/accessoires etc ~ 560 MB

Trucker Job ESX

Trucker Job (ETS)

Trucking script for ESX. Configuration: Where you start the job The time a job is removed from the list after completion If blips (icons on map) should be enabled or not 3D text on / off If a job is required The server event for ESX as well as the client event for ESX If […]

Policejob ESX

Policejob Animations

Tired of the boring ESX police animations? Features: Softcuff animation Cuff animation Drag animation Uncuff animation   Preview video

FiveM Dope Plant

Marijuana Dope Plant Script

With this script you can plant own dope plants anywhere you want. Male & female seeds Cops can destroy the plants Multiple growing stages You have to water and give food You can make joints from it

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ESX Police Garage

Features: take out cop vehicles change liveries and repair cop vehicles enable/disable extras helicopter garage Watch yourself: Preview

YouTube Speaker

YouTube Speaker

YouTube Speaker (YOUTUBEPLAYER!) – Listen to YouTube songs with other players Standalone script – or for ESX. Easy to use!   FEATURES โ€ข Synced sound for all players โ€ข Synced NUI โ€ข Youtube playerย **(embeddable videos only! Some copyrighted works some don’t, same goes with non-copyrighted.)** โ€ข Ability to pause, resume, lower volume (lower distance), higher […]

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