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Standalone Slow motion heat vision night vision super jump invisible

[Standalone] Sluggish movement, warmth imaginative and prescient, evening imaginative and prescient, tremendous bounce, invisible – Releases


Flip invisible when activating gradual movement energy
Tremendous bounce
Warmth imaginative and prescient
Night time imaginative and prescient

jjsslowmohud.7z (7.1 KB)
folder have to be stored named jjsslowmohud
Config.lua choices:
slowmopower = true,
slowmoinvis = true,
slowmospeed = 0.3, – half pace = 0.5
superjumppower = true,
nightvisionpower = true,
heatvisionpower = true,
slowmopowertime = 5,
nightvisiontime = 5,
heatvisiontime = 5,
flashspeed = 2.5,

Keys . , – to activate powers
= to open menu
Will be set in config.lua
SettingsKey = 83,
NightVision = 84,
HeatVision = 82,
SlowMo = 81,

Nonetheless engaged on API calls, began:

Make participant use powers:
TriggerClientEvent(‘jjsslowmo:heatvisionPlayer’, hvplayerId)
TriggerClientEvent(‘jjsslowmo:nightvisionPlayer’, nvplayerId)
TriggerClientEvent(‘jjsslowmo:superjumpPlayer’, jumpingplayerId, true/false)

Drive time to gradual time to decelerate:
TriggerClientEvent(‘jjsslowmo:updateAllowedHost’, -1, sendingplayerId)
TriggerClientEvent(‘jjsslowmo:slowmoPlayer’, -1, ahost, pspeed, pinvis, stime, sspeed)

–[[ ahost is the allowed host to slow player
pspeed is true/false if player can run fast while slowed
pinivis is true/false if player is invisible when time is slowed
stime is the time in seconds the slow down lasts
sspeed is how slow does time slow down to (1.0 is normal speed)

TriggerServerEvent(‘jjsslowmo:setSuperJump’, playerId, true/false)

Hud Updates ( should be accomplished per tick ):
TriggerServerEvent(“jjsslowmohud:addme”, true/false , PlayerId(), “Text1, “Text2” )


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