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Standalone Rufi PoliceCBC Check if players are seat belted in real

[Standalone] Rufi_PoliceCBC (Verify if gamers are seat belted in actual time) – Releases


With Rufi_PoliceCBC police can examine if gamers are sporting or not seat belts in realtime.

If the police participant activate the checkbelt command and is inside config distance and is in entrance or subsequent to the gamers automobile then can examine if gamers put on or not the seatbelt in realtime.

If the participant is belted then nothing is confirmed, however if the participant shouldn’t be belted then it reveals a config textual content or emoji.

Seat belt standing could be triggered by similar key you employ together with your belt script or utilizing ‘TriggerEvent(‘Rufi_PoliceCBC:Toogle’)’ in your belt set off system as an alternative keypress.

The script is standalone, you solely want so as to add your framework getjob set off. It comes with ESX config choice.

You may Config the parameters in Config.lua file:

The script is full optimiced (0.01ms when idle and arround 0.9ms to 0.20ms drawing 3dtext.)

The script shouldn’t be encripted or ip locked

You may examine the script in motion right here: Rufi_PoliceCBC (Car belt checking system for fivem roleplay) – YouTube

You should purchase the script HERE

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