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FiveM script STANDALONE RollDice by SpecialStos Works withwithout OneSync Releases

[STANDALONE] RollDice by SpecialStos – (Works with/with out OneSync) – Releases

An optimised and standalone RollDice system for FiveM.

You aren’t allowed to promote or take credit score of this script by any means, this can be a free script only for the overall FiveM inhabitants. You’re allowed to do any adjustments you need, for your self.

Dependencies and Compatibility:


Framework Dependencies
none (This may be standalone or work with ANY framework)

Sql Useful resource Dependencies


Useful resource Dependencies




OneSync Compatibility

Non-OneSync Compatibility

RollDice = {}

RollDice.UseCommand = true --Use command or not.
RollDice.ChatCommand = "roll" --Command identify.
RollDice.ChatPrefix = "SYSTEM" --That is the chat prefix. In the event that they kind a improper quantity or invalid one then it'll say that SYSTEM has messaged them, simply attempt it.
RollDice.ChatTemplate = "error" --YOU SHOULD CHANGE THIS HERE. I do not actually know what chat themes you bought so change it. We made our personal ones, like error, warning, and many others. Yow will discover out what themes you bought by checking contained in the chat useful resource in index.css

RollDice.MaxDices = 2 -- Max quantity of dices you'll be able to roll at one occasion. Default is 2.
RollDice.MaxSides = 6 -- Max quantity of sides on a cube. Default is 6.
RollDice.MaxDistance = 7.0 -- Distance gamers can see the rolldice in 3d textual content.
RollDice.ShowTime = 7 -- Time in seconds on how lengthy the gamers can see the RollDice.
RollDice.Offset = 1.2 --Modifications the z axis of the 3d textual content displayed.

Authentic supply: https://discussion

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