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STANDALONE Pacific Bank Robbery by SpecialStos v100 Releases

[STANDALONE] Pacific Financial institution Theft by SpecialStos – v1.0.0 – Releases


This useful resource shouldn’t be encrypted and is written FULLY from scratch. Additionally full credit score is given to the authors of PolyZone, mka-lasers, mHacking, and interact-sound. Thanks for releasing such superb sources and giving me the possibility to base this useful resource with the zoning and the laser features.

  • Server Synchronization: The principle core operate of this useful resource is the truth that every thing is SERVER SYNCHRONIZED. Once we use this time period we imply that each one animations, peds, particles, explosions, sound results, and props are synchronized completely an all purchasers of the server. That is type of a tricky activity as we spawn peds LOCALLY due to the polyzones. Additionally server sync lets us preserve monitor all of the states of the peds, stealables, doorways, and many others… Even when you relog you will note that every thing doesn’t reset and strikes on the way it was.
  • Ped Handler: Our financial institution theft script comes with a ped handler set off occasion. We’re spawning 8 peds when you are contained in the PolyZone, and each ped is exclusive, with totally different animations and emotions. This ped give the sense of being inside an actual life situation in a financial institution whereas having peds speaking on the telephone, ready in a queue and panicking when the theft begins.
  • Safety Guards: In the mean time the financial institution has 2 safety guards defending the place. These safety guards spawn with the weapons listed contained in the config (you possibly can randomise them) and can begin capturing at you whenever you try and rob the financial institution.
  • Standalone Doorlocks: All of our doorlocks are being handler by way of the script itself, we now have wrote that code from scratch and you’ll be able to have jobs having the ability to unlock/lock these doorways, whereas regular individuals to destroy them by lockpicking or utilizing thermite prices on them.
  • Distance Based mostly Alarm: The alarm itself goes off when the theft happens, it’s a distance primarily based alarm so the additional away you’re the decrease the amount can be. It does go off and by no means stops till somebody goes and shuts it down by way of the button subsequent to the reception.
  • Door Breaching: You’ll be able to destroy the doorways by a lockpicking minigame or thermite prices as listed above. The thermite cost is an animation synced on all purchasers (particles additionally) and when getting near the particles your ped will begin overlaying his eye from the extreme sparks.
  • Panel Hacking: We provide the choice to make use of panel hacking, whenever you use panel hacking it’s important to undergo a minigame (comparatively onerous) to hack the primary vault door downstairs. You’ve gotten limitless makes an attempt however it takes fairly a while to breach it. When you do breach it the door will slowly slowly open up. Additionally, panel hacking DOES NOT set off the banks lasers.
  • Bomb Planting: We’re additionally having a second choice for breaching the vault, bomb planting. Planting is just about straight ahead, an enormous bomb, large explosion and the vault door itself will simply break into items. When you do use this feature as a participant then lasers can be activated.
  • Lasers: The financial institution has lasers that are activated ONLY whenever you go forward and bomb the vault door. There 4 lasers they usually have 9 totally different factors. They transfer randomly, they’ve a random wait time, the truth is a random velocity multiplier as properly. When you contact the lasers then your ped can be set on hearth and ragdoll from it.
  • Stealables: The bottom script itself provides you the choice to rob 2 totally different safes which are in numerous rooms, 10 lockers rooms that are contained in the vault, and lastly 3 money trolleys.
  • Exploit Prevention: We did take a candy time to develop this useful resource and we included safety from individuals who wish to both set off an occasion to get cash or attempt to exploit by attempting to press on the identical time the stealable. If somebody does try this then he’ll immediately be dropped by the server with an evidence on the exploit. It’s also possible to add your individual ban future into that.
  • Financial institution Reset For Cops: Police males are capable of reset the financial institution after by going downstairs and pushing the button, it will teleport everybody contained in the financial institution outdoors and can reset it fully.
  • Absolutely Customizable Config: Simply from the config alone you possibly can change something with out the necessity of any superior coding abilities. All of the stealables are changeable when it comes to costs, all buttons are changeable, language itself is changeable and lastly peds and animations are additionally changeable by way of the hefty config.

Pacific Financial institution Theft is beautifully optimized on the checks it does.

The useful resource idles at 0.01-0.02 ms.

  • Pacific Theft : 0.01-0.02 ms.
  • Door Locking: 0.01-0.02 ms.
  • Draw 3D Textual content: 0.04-0.05 ms. (That is fully changeable relying when you wanna use it in your server)
  • Mka-Lasers: 0.00-0.10 ms. (This solely begins whenever you bomb the vault, you could have the choice to disable this into the config however i wouldn’t suggest it, as it’s tremendous duper cool)
  • Rubbish Collector: 0.00ms

Dependencies and Compatibility:


Framework Dependencies: none (This can be standalone or work with ANY framework)

Sql Resource Dependencies: none

Resource Dependencies: 1)PolyZones, 2)mHacking, 3)Mka-Lasers, 4)interact-sound (ALL OF THEM ARE FREE AND OPEN SOURCE)

Locales/Translations: English, changeable through languages.lua

OneSync Compatibility

Non-OneSync Compatibility



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Take care, peace. <3


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