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Sniperrifle Crafting – Releases – Group


Hi there, this time I deliver a sniperrfile craft system!
You’ll be able to change on config.lua the weapon you need.

There are then 4 processes:

Choose Steel > Convert to Weapon Pipes >
Convert to Weapon Elements > Create the weapon.

The script has the choice to make use of in PT/PT or EN/EN,
already translated into the 2 languages,
you solely must take away the “–” earlier than.

Easy and effectively developed script for rp servers.
You’ll be able to add extra weapons or extra crafts
earlier than creating the weapon.
Be happy to do.
I’m open to solutions for enchancment!


  1. GitHub – ONyambura/mythic_progbar: FiveM Client-sided Progress Bar
  2. GitHub – Utinax/reload-skillbar
  3. GitHub – ONyambura/mythic_notify: A simple FiveM notification resource

Particular because of @Utinax
for offering me with 3DText within the script.

Preview: SniperRifle Crafting


Unique supply: https://discussion

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