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RPCore [STANDALONE] – Releases – Neighborhood



FiveM Script with alot of helpful instructions/scripts multi function
Virtually every little thing is customizable within the config.lua
If you have already got one of many scripts, you may simply disable it within the config.lua

Delete automobile command – (/dv)
Antiswear – Kicks a participant when sending particular messages (You’ll be able to change these messages within the config.lua)
RPCommands – /twt, /dispatch, /darkweb, /information, /do, /ooc, /me, /present id instructions with discord logging
Palms up – Press x to place your arms up
Watermark – Watermark in your server with customizable textual content
Drag command – /drag command (Drags the closest participant)
Crouch – Urgent ctrl makes you crouch
Tazer impact – Offers you an impact once you get tazed
No reticle – Disables the reticle when aiming
Harm ragdoll – Ragdoll when shot
Disable fight roll – Disables gamers from utilizing the fight roll motion whereas aiming.
Finger Level – Press b to level
Server Checklist Uptime – Provides a server convar with the server uptime
No Grip – When leaping and operating, there may be an 90% likelihood of falling (Customizable)
Anti air management – Disable air management with automobiles
PVP Enabled – Permits PVP in your server

Download via Github

Add the RPCore folder to your FiveM assets listing.
Edit your server.cfg and add “guarantee RPCore
Edit config.lua to be custom-made in your server.

If in case you have any points or ideas please put them beneath.


Authentic supply: https://discussion

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