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Risk management for sellers

We offer a full-service risk management for FiveM sellers, vendors and complete stores to minimize risk, chargebacks and loss of money.


Peace of mind with our risk management service

The payment industry has evolved a lot over the past few years. While customers are more informed and tech-savvy than ever before, they still face many challenges when it comes to making payments online. Fraudsters have become more sophisticated as well, so they can trick people into sending them money or providing sensitive information such as credit card details and passwords.

As a result, companies need to manage their risk carefully if they want to keep up with fraudsters’ latest tricks and tactics.

In this post we will discuss some common challenges in chargeback management along with ways to overcome them so that your business can stay safe from fraudsters while also maintaining its good reputation among customers.


payment risk

Nowadays, chargebacks are a big problem. Especially for digital items.

But in order to avoid them you need to understand what they are and how they affect you.

A chargeback is when the customer’s bank or credit card issuer reverses the transaction after it has been authorized by the merchant. It can occur for various reasons, such as an unauthorized transaction or a dispute over product quality or service delivery.

Chargeback is a serious problem for businesses. In fact, it’s the most common reason for failed transactions. That’s why you need to manage chargeback risk and minimize the number of fraud complaints you receive from customers.

Managing chargeback risk involves identifying your biggest areas of concern and figuring out how to tackle them. For example, if you’re worried about your customers being unhappy with their purchases, then maybe you should consider lowering prices or offering customer service excellence (or both!). These are just two ways that you can lower the risk of chargebacks in this area by making yourself more competitive with other companies on price and/or service quality.

Calculating your overall rate of refusal can help give you an idea as to what’s causing most of these problems in order to better focus on minimizing those specific types

We deal with risk. Every day.

If you are a company that sells goods online, it is very important to manage your risks. Users should not be able to return items without any reason or payback if they do not get what they want. If this happens, businesses will lose money and reputation, which can lead them into bankruptcy.

FiveM mods

Our story began in 2020

As FiveM players by ourselves, we saw that many platforms, forums and other services like Tebex were coming up. We knew how frustrating it could be to go through thousands of sources and then not find what you were looking for. And then it was also difficult to buy a mod. We wanted to change that and decided to offer a marketplace for FiveM that unites modders and players. We are on the side of the server operators to provide the best possible service. We have also set new boundaries with our satisfaction guarantee: players can request a refund if they are not satisfied – in case the purchased item does not work completely. Because every server is a bit different, of course.

FAQ about our risk system

We developed a risk system based on algorithms. If our system detects fraud, the purchase is blocked straight away or checked by one of our risk officers.

No need to worry. We will contact the bank of the customer and ask to return the money.

Commonly, yes. A chargeback can happen from time to time, but our risk managements helps to prevent most of them.

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