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ReleaseFree BPC Character Customizer fivem appearance for DRP Framework Releases

[Release][Free] BPC Character Customizer – fivem-appearance for DRP_Framework – Releases


BPC Character Customizer for DRP Framework :lipstick:

This useful resource replaces DRP_Clothing with fivem-appearance

Set up :desktop_computer:

  • Execute the offered SQL file character_appearance.sql
  • Disable drp_clothing out of your server.cfg file
  • Obtain and set up fivem-appearance. Be sure to observe their directions and obtain from their Releases section
  • Obtain and unzip this repo into the folder bpc-character-customize
  • Add the next to your server.cfg
setr fivem-appearance:customization 1
setr fivem-appearance:locale "en"
guarantee fivem-appearance
guarantee bpc-character-customize

FAQ :clown_face:

Does this work with ESX?


Are you able to get this to work with ESX?


It doesn’t work

That is not a query


Unique supply: https://discussion

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