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ReleaseFree BanWhitelist Using Discord Bot Releases

[Release][Free] Ban&Whitelist Utilizing Discord Bot – Releases


:raised_hand: Howdy This Is a Addon For DiscordBot script.
It is going to permit you to Whitelist & Ban individuals Utilizing Discord Instructions in your discord.
This Addon Does Not Have Any Type of Framework Dependency Like ESX or anything beside The Bot Itself.

  • banid serverid : Ban an On-line Participant
  • banoffline identifier : Ban a offline Participant
  • unban identifier : Unban a Participant utilizing their Identifier
  • addwhitelist identifier : Whitelist a Participant
  • removewhitelist identifier : Take away a Participant from Whitelist

Dependecy :
Fivem DiscordBot

Github :

How To Set up :pencil2: :
Transfer BanWhiteList folder to your DiscordBot script folder.
Then add this to the DiscordBot fxmanifest.lua file :

server_scripts {
information {


Unique supply: https://discussion

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