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Release Standalone Target Tracking Releases

[Release] [Standalone] Target Tracking – Releases


Here a simple target tracking script that tracks where your player is looking at. Coords and models can be used. You can add multiple payphone models for example and when your player looks at it. It activates the UI to trigger an event. Polyzones can be used also. Its uses 0.00 ms (0.16% CPU Time) when idle. This can be used in multiple scripts to help with optimisation. Press ALT to activate. Using RegisterKeyMapping removes the need of checking if the key has been pressed in a thread and players can customise the keybind in the ESCAPE menu.

Examples and extra details can be found on the GitHub read me. This was quickly done and messy so I will improve it soon and also add more options when hovering over the target.


Video: Desktop 2021.02.22 –

Download: GitHub – brentN5/bt-target
Dependencies: GitHub – mkafrin/PolyZone: PolyZone is a FiveM mod to define zones of different shapes and test whether a point is inside or outside of the zone


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