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Release New Event System In Fivem Cmd For Join

[Release] New Occasion System In Fivem | Cmd For Be part of In Occasion – Releases


Hey :wave:
I got here to introduce a brand new occasion to you. Within the following, you will get extra acquainted with this occasion. :wink:


How To Set up Script :
1_ Drag Folder Dm_Event Contained in the folder Resoruce
2_ Go to Server.cfg And Sort : begin Dm_event
3_ Restart Your Server And Check Occasion . Good Luck :wink:

How To Utilizing ? :
——————- Warning —————————————-
1_Any copying of this script is prohibited!
——————- Finish Warning ———————————

2_ /changeeventdata begin : To attract a circle is the start of the race
3_ /changeeventdata cease : To put the tip of the match
4_ /changeeventdata winner : Place the place the winner of the competition goes
5_ /changeeventdata skinmarker : To place the place to alter racing garments
6_ /changeeventdata exit true/false : Exit to activate or off the circle function that begins the race
if true You cannot depart the circle
if false Can Depart The Match Circle
7_ /changeeventdata tp : Placing the place the place individuals go after coming into the race
8_ /changeeventdata create : It’s essential to use this command to create a match
9_ /changeeventdata sync : To sync the knowledge you entered within the contest with everybody
10_ /joinevent : Enter the competition
11_ /stopevent : Shut the race you began for everybody
12_ /changeeventdata vehmodel mannequin : Changeing Automobile Mannequin For Occasion
13_ /changeeventdata weapon weapon_name : Changeing Weapon Identify For Occasion
14_ /changeeventdata weaponmarker : Draw Marker For Get weapon
15_ /changeeventdata plate : Set Occasion Automobiles Plate
16_ /changeeventdata armor : Set Occasion Armor When Be part of To Occasion
17_ /changeeventdata pores and skin : Set Garments or Pores and skin For Occasion / Get Your Pores and skin And Set For Occasion

Good Luck Bro :wink:
Extra data within the file

Obtain Hyperlink :


Unique supply: https://discussion

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