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Release Moonshine Job System ESX Releases

[Release] Moonshine Job System [ESX] – Releases

Hey guys,

Here is my take on a job where you make moonshine to sell, influence from other job scripts and also credit “Evozer” for the moonshine distillery YMAP included in my system. (13.0 KB)

  1. add “esx_moonshinejob” and “moonshine_distillery” to your resouces folder
  2. add the “monshine.sql” information into your sql database
  3. add the start commands to your server.cfg
  4. restart your server
    start esx_moonshinejob
    start moonshine_distillery
  1. goto your job center and choose the “Moonshiner” job
  2. navigate to the blip at coords (x = 378.54, y = 3583.59, z = 32.29) to change your workwear
  3. once changed other job elements are available (take out vehicle, collect mash, boil mash, bottle mash, deliver moonshine)
  4. a deposit for the vehicle is taken and returned to you if it is returned in the same condition
  5. on delivery you get paid for bottles of moonshine

Hope you enjoy…
RexShack Gaming

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