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RELEASE Hologram Speedometer Releases

[RELEASE] Hologram Speedometer v1.0.1 – Releases



A 3D speedometer script for FiveM




  1. Download from Github: hologramspeed
  2. Rename the folder to hologramspeed (WITHOUT uppercase letters).
  3. Copy the hologramspeed folder to your server resources folder
  4. Add start hologramspeed to your server.cfg
  5. Restart the server

Update to v1.0.1

If you using v1.0.0 version and you want to update to v1.0.1, just delete the old folder and download this script again from Github, then rename the folder to hologramspeed (WITHOUT uppercase letters).


Name Description Type Example
hsp_defaultTheme The default theme applied to the speedometer String “default”


  • /hsp – Toggle the speedometer
  • /hsp theme <name> – Set the theme of the speedometer, the default theme is default.
  • /hsp offset <x> <y> <z> – Set the offset of the speedometer, leave xyz to blank will reset to default offset.
  • /hsp rotate <x> <y> <z> – Set the rotate of the speedometer, leave xyz to blank will reset to default rotate.

Example use: /hsp theme nve (Set the theme to nve, the theme for NaturalVision Evolved)


The default key to display/hide speedometer is ~ (Above the Tab key)
You can change the key in your game settings


Q: Why my speedometer is blurred?
A: You should remove your NVE Motion Blur mod and disable motion blur in the game settings.
Q: Why I can’t see the speedometer?
A: Make sure that you have installed the resource correctly. The name of your resource may not be compatible with NUI due to DNS name restrictions.

Enjoy! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


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