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RELEASE Hologram Speedometer Releases

[RELEASE] Hologram Speedometer – Releases


A 3D speedometer script for FiveM




  1. Download from Github: hologramSpeed
  2. Copy the hologramSpeed folder to your server resources folder
  3. Add start hologramSpeed to your server.cfg
  4. Restart the server


Config = {
	-- The hologram model name, do not change this
	-- The speedometer UI page url
	-- User default profile --
	keyControl = 243,   -- The key to enable or disable the speedometer
	useMph     = false,  -- Using MPH unit
	useNve     = false, -- Using NVE graphic mods


The base command is: /hsp, parameters:

  • (No parameter) – Display or hide the speedometer
  • mph – Enable or disable the MPH display (Need restart game)
  • nve – Enable or disable the NVE mode (Need restart game)

Example use: /hsp mph (Turn on the MPH display)


The default key to display/hide speedometer is ~ (Above the Tab key)
You can change the key code in config.lua.


Q: Why my speedometer is blurred?
A: You should remove your NVE Motion Blur mod and disable motion blur in the game settings.
Q: Why I canโ€™t see the speedometer UI? I only can see your avatar.
A: Check your configuration and make sure your duiUrl is correct and accessible.

Host your own page

The default UI page is host on the Github. if you want to host the page by yourself, you should:

  1. Copy the ui folder to your website root folder, such as D:WebMyWebSite.
  2. Set duiUrl = "http://your-website-here/ui/hologram.html" in your config.lua.
  3. Restart the server.

Enjoy! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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