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[RELEASE] fizzfau-ui – Releases – Community


A Basic UI Notification System


There are two basic exports, the important part is id logic.

exports["fizzfau-ui"]:DrawNotify(id, text, color, icon)
exports["fizzfau-ui"]:DrawNotify("fizzfau-ui:drawthetextplease", "Hello FiveM", rgba(0,0,0,0.0) or nil, " any fas fa icons" or nil)

If you want to use this in a while loop you need to check it with variable control like:

  if not send then
    send = true

otherwise resmon values can be higher and loads of notifications spams on screen.

Css reworked a bit not like in the video. Diffrences are ui comes in with slide efffect and fadeout on clearing.

css credit: @Erennitros


Original source:

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