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Release DLC Tattoos as Add ons Updated Releases

[Release] DLC Tattoos as Add-ons (Updated) – Releases



Credit goes to @timothy_dexter for his tutorial on adding DLC tattoos and overlays that I have linked here , as well as to @Smallo for his release of xnTattoos

note: I don’t have any pictures of the newest tattoos in action as we’re currently rebuilding our server, but I followed the same steps and these should work without issue.

This resource has the files for all the available tattoos from the mpvinewood, mpheist3, and mpheist4 DLC. It also needs to be streamed, and for those of you using xnTattoos, I’ve done the work for you – there is a ‘for_xnTattoos.txt’ file in there to copy and paste into your AllTattoos.json.



  1. Download the link above.
  2. Unzip the DLC Tattoos folder, and put srp_dlctattoos in with your other resources.
  3. Add ‘start srp_dlctattoos’ to your server cfg
  4. Add the tattoos into your tattoo script. If you use xnTattoos, go into your AllTattoos.json, scroll to the bottom and add a comma after the last tattoo, then copy and paste the text from ‘for_xnTattoos.txt’ and paste it at the bottom. Change any prices you need, they’re all set to 2500 currently.



Good luck, let me know if you need any help!


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