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RELEASE Cayo Perico Gas Pump Detailed YMap with a little

[RELEASE] Cayo Perico Gas Pump Detailed YMap with a little Shop + Dynamic Objects! – Releases


Hello Cfx Community it’s me again hehe :smile: !

This is my first Creation on the Cayo Perico island I hope you love it! :smiley:



This Map allows you to fuel your vehicle and gives you a little shop, cause Rockstar was too busy to making that so I did! :hugs:

I will NOT give the Download Link or any Credits to the person who made the Cayo Perico Island, cause there are people out there, that are beating each other, who converted the Map lol. The only one, who made the Map was Rockstar Games so:

Credits: Rockstar Games! :wink:


LegacyFuel or something else for the Fuel Script!
PolyZone and Cayo Perico Island! [Find yourself the currently Download Version for the Island]


Download: -> ArturHKBA_Cayo_Perico_Gas

To install this on you server just drag the file from the folder and replace the already exsisting file located in your Cayo Perico stream folder!

BOOM Have fun! :smiley:

Just please DON’T upload the file anywhere without my permissions! :slight_smile:


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