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RELEASE Better Miranda Card Releases

[RELEASE] Higher Miranda Card – Releases


Higher ID Card is a straightforward FiveM script created by the builders of Rocket Growth in collaboration with @NAT2K15. This script was created to indicate that issues so simple as this shouldn’t be paid belongings. We wish to crack down on the poorly made and overpriced paid belongings within the FiveM group. This additionally provides a clipboard to the participant’s hand to allow them to really learn the cardboard as nicely. BeeTeaDub’s this isn’t IP locked or obfuscated, so ‘yk really complies with FiveM ToS and lets you make edits


  • Show those around you the card
  • Simple commands
  • Drag & drop
  • Simple keybinds
  • Simple to setup your own





GitHub – Jordan2139
Direct Download


Unique supply: https://discussion

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