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RELEASE 2014 Dodge Indiana State Trooper Texture Releases

[RELEASE] 2014 Dodge | Indiana State Trooper Texture – Releases


Hello Wonderful People!
Today I was going through the FiveM forum and I came across this PIT police car, meant for doing pit stops. So, I asked the owner of the post if I can do the texture, and he/she said yes! So here is the finial product.

(The link to his post is in the bottom of this post, aswell in the ZIP file).

ZIP File: Indiana State Police 2.0.RAR (30.0 MB)

Owner’s Post Link: EVOC/Pit training 14 charger – #6 by KansasStateRP – Releases – Community

Pictures of texture:

Have a great day!
Published by: Spencer. K


Original source:

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