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RECIPE PlumeESX full base 2021 Releases

[RECIPE] PlumeESX – full base 2021! – Releases


Imagine being able to create an ESX server in less than 60 seconds…

PlumeESX is the first recipe ever done for txAdmin’s new Server Deployer.
It was created with the objective of having a GOOD and playable ESX baseline for you to build your server on top of. All resources are updated, and working.


  • 13 jobs
  • Vehicle / Weapon / Clothe / Barber shops
  • ESX Drugs / HoldUp
  • ReIgnited GCPhone
  • EasyAdmin
  • ESX AdminPlus
  • CD EasyTime
  • Everything updated!


  • F1 – Phone
  • F2 – Inventory
  • F3 – EasyAdmin
  • F6 – Job menu
  • F7 – Billing menu
  • SHIFT – Drift car


Requirement 1: MySQL/MariaDB installed and running on your VPS (I recommend using XAMP).
Requirement 2: Running txAdmin v3.1 or above (it already comes with the artifacts, no need to download it).

  1. Double-Click FXServer.exe, or if on Linux run screen ./ (do not use any +exec);
  2. Open the URL shown on the console and configure your master account;
  3. In the setup page, select the option Popular Templates, then select Plume ESX;
  4. After that. is basically next-next-finish :slight_smile:

Note: you dont need to download anything, txAdmin will do that for you. But if you want to mess with it, here is the recipe URL:


Original source:


  1. This is very hard to use

  2. iHaveNoBrains

    This is very hard to use

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