FiveM Patreon Keys

Are you looking for a FiveM Patreon key? Check out our keys for your FiveM server. Unlock all FiveM patreon key features with our service, for example like custom EUP clothes or more than 32 slots

FiveM Element Club Argentum ?
FiveM Element Club Aurum ?
FiveM Element Club Platinum ?

FiveM Patreon key features

The FiveM Element Club is the place for server owners! With exclusive access to in-development features, all the features from the consumer tiers, and the ability to color your server name, you are sure to want this.

This is the ultimate tier for those who want to give the _most_ to the project.

* All the consumer-oriented features from the $20 Snail Team 6 tier
* Exclusive element club access for server keys linked to your Patreon-linked forum account
* Use up to 128 slots with OneSync, or 1024 slots with OneSync Infinity.
* Stream custom clothing.
* Use ^1-^9 color codes in your server name!
* Have a smooth red background color for your server in public listings!
* Use APNG in your server icons.

Get your FiveM key today!

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