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The Nopixel server is a GTA 5 RP server, developed by Koil and other devs and contributors. The server is run on the FiveM mod which was released back in 2015. It contains custom code created by various people like koil, GTAWiseGuy, Gabz and others.

Want to apply? We show you how to get whitelisted!

About Nopixel

Nopixel was created in 2017 and is one of the biggest FiveM servers for roleplay experience.

Their whitelist is pay2play. They write on their website: Please pay attention to the forums and instructions given, donators still must apply like normal, they are just processed faster. If you do pass the application process, it may still take considerable time to join the server.

The basic idea of roleplay is to talk, interact and proceed as the character you are playing! That means that any action ingame is made by your character. The idea behind Nopixel is to create an immersive experience where players and viewers alike can experience stories and situations, in what is essentially another world.

Our opinion about the server

We strongly recommend to look for another server in order to play roleplay, as Nopixel is one of the fullest servers and does not offer a good roleplay quality at all. If you are looking for servers, you can check out the FiveM server list in order to find another good server. We also want to mention that the server owner koil is playing against his own game server rules and doesn’t act fairly mostly.

Popular streamers on Nopixel

Biggest streamers on Nopixel are: xQc, Jean Pierre, Blaustoise, Zerkaa, Farmhouse78, VindiceLive, Zee_RP, YoinksOG and Aaoki.

If you want to watch a Nopixel stream, check the streamers out via this link.

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No. You need to buy Grand Theft Auto V, and pay/donate 30$ to Nopixel owner koil (which we think is pure scam). People should donate whenever they want to, and not to join the game.

Nopixel uses the own Nopixel framework. However, the scripts that Nopixel uses can also be downloaded for ESX, Qbus and vRP.

Send an appeal via their forums.

We think: Yes. Streamers get paid and do advertise the project, while small players have to pay to join.

Want to join Nopixel?

Players wishing to access NoPixel’s GTA-RP servers must fill out an application on the server’s main page. This might interest you: Every single GTA game has been divided from “GOAT” to “Get in the bin”..

The guy asks players to provide information about their roleplaying experience. Concerns like “What does role play mean?” and “When do you think is a good time to damage the character?” are detailed and must be answered by all applicants.

The second section of the application prompts players to respond to character concerns. They will be asked what they will be doing on their first day in the GTA V city of Los Santos, in addition to a series of gameplay requests such as “You found a random car with a load on the road”. of drugs inside. What are you doing and why?”

Due to the increasing popularity of NoPixel (and the money greed of koil), the classic technique of whitelisting IS now being phased out. However, edition whitelisting is still available. This means that players who wish to play on the server must first give away an amount of money alongside the regular application process.

It is not easy to join Nopixel as many applications are being under review. However, you can still apply via the button (How To tutorial).

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