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Multi Vehicle TowRig by Jbeenz Releases

Multi-Vehicle TowRig by Jbeenz – Releases


G’day all,

By now, there would probably be a few tasty options for vehicle transportation, but here is another one I’ve brewed up anyway.
Do you have chin-scraping street sleds, and need a super low transporter to drag them to every car meet, because you’re too afraid of driving there and copping an unroadworthy ticket?
I gotchya covered fam…

What you see here is a modified TR2 trailer, re-engineered to carry cars, instead of a big useless yacht. Theres 2 vehicles pictured, but it has enough real estate to carry 3 (depending on size).
The trailer has been widened, lengthened, strengthened and boxed, and a drop down ramp has been added to the back. It even comes with toolboxes that cant be reached (which are an extra, so they can be removed)

A big trailer needs a big rig to haul it, or so they say.
The fellas at Los Santos Customs waved their magic wand over a Drift Yosemite, and gave it enough torque and suspension loading to rival most tractor pulls. They then reinforced the bed and added a Goosy, so this thing can hitch up to anything. Be warned, she’ll pull wheelies with the trailer on if your not careful on the throttle.
TowRig comes in black by default, but can be easily resprayed to suit your desires.

The trailer has seat and door handle dummies, so you can actually ‘enter’ the trailer, and control the ramp using a trainer of your choice. (the dummy is located on the left side, about half way down).

We all know cars dont stay on transporters without them being locked down, so as an added bonus, theres also a script for that. The script is an version of vTow, altered so that it handles multiple vehicles, and Vespura has kindly permitted this to be released.
Using it is about the same as the original. Commands and procedure is a little different, but its still easy to use.
In chat:
/towset -starts the script
/tow1, /tow2, and /tow3 -locks in the vehicle
/untow1, /untow2, and /untow3 -unlocks the vehicle and drops it on the ramp.
Its all still prompted anyway, so just follow the instructions.

Basic steps:

  1. ‘Enter’ the trailer, and drop the ramp
  2. Drive 1st vehicle onto trailer
  3. Lock it down using the script
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for each vehicle as needed
  5. Re-enter the trailer, and lift the ramp
  6. Redo process to take vehicles off.

To make this a little easier to understand, heres a demo:

Here is where you’ll find the TowRig:

Here is where you’ll find the script:

Here is where you find the vTow original:

Spawn vehicles using ‘yosemite2’ and ‘tr2’

If you have any issues or have a suggestion, drop a comment and ill get on to it. Enjoy!

Copyright stuff…
The models are released unlocked, and you can do with them as you wish, but if you re-release the trailer (original or modified), all I ask is that you simply mention where it originated from (here).
The script is a different story. It still holds the original copyright licence, and I obtained expressed permission to release a modified version to suit this package. Permission needs to be obtained to re-release this script.


Original source:

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