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Mdt outlawalert integrated WF Alert intended for use with Hypaste MDT

Mdt_outlawalert (integrated WF_Alert, intended for use with Hypaste MDT) – Releases


Intended for use with Hypaste MDT, but it is not required.


Read the instructions on github to prevent the default mdt:newCall notification from being triggered alongside these.

@Jager_Bom for esx_outlawalert
@Stroudy for WF_Alerts
@danny3 for outlawalert with integrated WF_Alerts
@distritic for mdt

Includes alerts for shooting, drive-bys, and speeding – with more to come.
There is only a chance for crimes to be reported based on your location and the time of day (can be set to 100% in config), but I cannot be certain how appropriate the numbers are – feedback is appreciated.
Included /911 and /911a commands; you can use either the player name or phone number as the caller.


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