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JD Perms Easy Ace Permissions Releases

JD_Perms | Easy Ace Permissions – Releases



  • FiveM FXServer
  • A Discord Server (Optional for Logs)


  • Add/remove permission groups to players with just a command.
    • No restarts required.
    • Adding groups from console possible.
  • Default group you can give is Admin (You can add as many as you need.)
  • Default donator groups are VIP and VIP PLUS. (You can add as many as you need.)

For adding more groups, you need to have basic knowledge about lua.


/addperms [server_id/SteamHex] [group] [Note]

This will add a permission group to a player

/delperms [server_id/SteamHex] [group]

This will remove a permission group to a player

/perms [server_id]

This will show you the highest permission groups a player has.

Download & Installation

  1. Download the files
  2. Put the JD_Perms folder in the server resource directory
  3. Add this to your server.cfg
ensure JD_Perms
  1. And to make the permissions load on serer restart you need to add this to your server.cfg
exec resources/JD_Perms/Permissions/JD_Perms.cfg

If you changed the path to the permission file make sure to add the right path:

exec <pathToPermissionsFile>/JD_Perms.cfg


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