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IIS Method of Entry MOE Enforcer

[IIS] Method of Entry | MOE | Enforcer / Explosive + – Releases



The Method of Entry script allows you, as a player in FiveM, to lock and unlock doors. It’s as simple as that! But, with a twist. We have explosive MOE, Breaching shotgun, and even Enforcer implementation WITH 3D sounds! How cool is that?!


Click for Features
  • Config File
  • Custom Enforcer Model
  • Sound Effects
  • Server-Sided sounds
  • Locking/Unlocking system
  • Explosive MOE (Knock down doors with boom)
  • Breaching Shotgun (Shoot the locks!)
  • Enforcer (Bang bang bang, we’re comin’ in!)

Video Demonstration

Click me to download! (18.0 MB)


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