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IIS EmergencyLS Server Side ELS Lighting System Custom Patterns

[IIS] EmergencyLS | Server-Side ELS Lighting System | Custom Patterns + – Releases


EmergencyLS is an all-in-one configurable Emergency Lighting System for the popular Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) Modification, FiveM. We kept it simple, allowing generic ELS XML Configurations to work alongside our system.

The server-side element restricts controls to the driver and allows the driver to activate primary, secondary & warning lighting each with individually configurable key-bindings. Welcome to the best server-sided Emergency Lighting System for FiveM.


Click for Features
  • Configuration File
  • Multiple Stage Lighting Activation
  • Developer Configuration
  • Server-sided & Network Sync
  • Server-sided Siren Support as Standard.
  • Custom Light Patterns
  • โ€˜999 Mode Activatedโ€™ Sound Effect
  • Siren Beeps
  • ELS Beeps
  • Indicators

Video Demonstration (+ Install)



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