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[How-to] vRP teleport with GUI (Instance) – Modding Tutorials


FiveM Modding Tutorial

Let’s begin :snail:

Every little thing what you want is:
vRP Basic Menu

Step 1.
Add decisions to vrp_basic_menu/server.lua

native coroner_enter = {}
coroner_enter["Enter"] = {operate(participant,alternative)
    vRPclient.teleport(participant,{254.37602233887,-1372.4349365234,24.537794113159}) -- Vacation spot level (Morgue)

native coroner_out = {}
coroner_out["Quit"] = {operate(participant,alternative)
    vRPclient.teleport(participant,{241.16851806641,-1379.0466308594,33.741760253906}) -- Vacation spot level (Outdoors)

After that, it is advisable add StaticMenuChoices

vRP.addStaticMenuChoices({"coroner_in", coroner_enter})
vRP.addStaticMenuChoices({"coroner_out", coroner_out})

Step 2.
Open vrp/cfg/gui.lua
And add this
Additionally you possibly can add blipid, blipcolor and permissions

cfg.static_menu_types = {
  ["coroner_in"] = { 
    title = "Los Santos County Coroner Workplace" -- You'll be able to identify it such as you need
  ["coroner_out"] = { 
    title = "Los Santos County Coroner Workplace" -- You'll be able to identify it such as you need

After that, it is advisable add menus

cfg.static_menus = {
  {"coroner_in", 241.16851806641,-1379.0466308594,33.741760253906}, -- Marker (Enter)
  {"coroner_out",254.37602233887,-1372.4349365234,24.537794113159}, -- Marker (Stop)

That’s all! Simply, proper?

I hope that is helpful to somebody.
Many because of Sighmir and ImagicTheCat and different vRP builders!

This tutorial was made for the previous vRP model, it doesn’t work with the vRPex.

Examine my different tutorial:
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