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How To Using a custom Domain name to join server

[How-To] Using a custom Domain name to join server – Modding Tutorials


FiveM Modding Tutorial

Hey everyone! I figured since I got back into heavy development, and also back into FiveM, I’m going to share this tutorial!

So what is this? Do you have a custom domain like You can use that domain name to connect to the server rather than connecting using an IP. I could go on and on about why this would be better. but let’s just get into it!

  • First off you need administration access to the domain name(DNS is where we will be working)

  • Second, keep in mind I am using Google Domains to make this TUT because that’s where I go, so your registrar may look a whole lot different from mine.

Alright, now we set everything straight.

Log into your registrar. Once you have done that navigate your way to DNS Management.

Find the section where you are able to add custom records.

Now add an “A” record with the subdomain you want to connect with. (

Next, add an SRV record that corresponds to the “A” record you made.(Google users just copy past this and edit “10 10 30120”)

And thats it! It should be working!


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