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How to Use Extended Video Export EVE FiveM Modding

[How-to] Use Prolonged Video Export (EVE) | FiveM – Modding Tutorials


FiveM Modding Tutorial

Extended Video Export has been round for some time, though, it by no means appeared to work with FiveM. I attempted tinkering with it some time again however by no means was profitable at getting it to work and it looks as if others couldn’t both.

After a yr or so I made a decision to attempt to get it working once more. This time, with some success. I’m not precisely certain why it’s working however I assume it could be associated to Rockstar Editor modifications FiveM made?

That is my first information so I apologize if it isn’t clear however I’ll attempt my greatest at explaining the method. This instrument may be very useful for content material creators so I believed I’d share my current findings. :upside_down_face:

How to:

Extended Video Export 0.4.4 [BETA] doesn’t export video’s most of the time due to hooking issues so in this guide I will be using Extended Video Export v0.3.0 Beta (not my file drive). That is an outdated model of EVE and it doesn’t include many export choices, corresponding to PNG sequence and many others. Though, this model exports with Reshade and it appears to be extra dependable.

  1. Obtain Extended Video Export v0.3.0 Beta

  2. Find your FiveM Software Information folder

  1. Create a plugins folder contained in the FiveM Software Information folder, for those who haven’t bought one already.

  2. Extract the ExtendedVideoExport.asi file in to the plugins folder

  3. Extract the EVE folder to FiveM Software Datacachesubprocess

The FiveM course of is completed. Though, the EVE folder must be current within the root Grand Theft Auto V folder too, in any other case it’s going to crash when exporting in R* Editor. This can be resulting from it being hardcoded within the plugin itself

  1. Copy the EVE folder you positioned in FiveM Software Datacachesubprocess

  2. Find your Grand Theft Auto V folder, that is dependant on what sport launcher you employ, I exploit Steam, so will probably be in my SteamLibrary

  3. Paste the EVE folder in your GTA V listing

  4. Open the EVE folder, find the dlls folder and delete all of the dlls inside however maintain the folder empty and current, in any other case, it’s going to crash.

  5. That’s all there’s to it. Make modifications to the ExtendedVideoExport.ini and preset.ini contained in the EVE folder which is positioned in the principle GTA V listing. NOT the one positioned within the FiveM subprocess folder.

When you export from the R* editor (launched from FiveM dashboard), you need to see the ExtendedVideoExport.log has some entries and after the completion of the export the file might be positioned within the output path you added within the ExtendedVideoExport.ini file.

2 preview movies:


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