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How to Updated Discord rich presence Custom Image Modding Tutorials

[How-to] [Updated] Discord rich presence Custom Image ๐Ÿž – Modding Tutorials

First of all a BIG thanks to @IceHax for making this possible, here is a link to his Github go check him out :snail:

  • (11-11-2018) New Natives added, check out the bottom of this tutorial!

First thing you have to do is make a discord account if you havenโ€™t done that already.

If you have a discord account go to

  • First make a new application by clicking the โ€œCreate an applicationโ€
  • When you create a new application, you will see a similar page as shown below on the foto.
  • You will have to copy the Application id (See the arrow) and save it for later.
  • Now you need to navigate to te left navigation bar and go to Rich Presence>Art Assets.
  • This is where the magic starts, here you can upload you image.(The image has to be 512×512 pixels or lager)
  • If you have uploaded the image you will need to remember the image name and donโ€™t forget to hit โ€œSave Changesโ€

Now we have the discord application id and the image name. Last, we have to put those values into a script.
I have made a very very getto and simple script for you to test it with.

  • make a folder inside the server resource folder and call it discord
  • make 2 files one called __resource.lua and one called client.lua
  • paste the code below into the correct file

Thanx to @d0p3t, we have 3 new natives now
New Natives:

  • SetDiscordRichPresenceAssetSmall
  • SetDiscordRichPresenceAssetSmallText
  • SetDiscordRichPresenceAssetText

Check the code below to see how to use them and what they do!


resource_manifest_version '44febabe-d386-4d18-afbe-5e627f4af937'
client_script 'client.lua'


	while true do
        --This is the Application ID (Replace this with you own)

        --Here you will have to put the image name for the "large" icon.
        --(11-11-2018) New Natives:

        --Here you can add hover text for the "large" icon.
        SetDiscordRichPresenceAssetText('This is a lage icon with text')
        --Here you will have to put the image name for the "small" icon.

        --Here you can add hover text for the "small" icon.
        SetDiscordRichPresenceAssetSmallText('This is a lsmall icon with text')

        --It updates every one minute just in case.

If you followed all the steps and used common knowledge, you will see this:


And with the new natives:

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