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How To Stream Addon Melee Weapons Modding Tutorials

[How-To] Stream Addon Melee Weapons – Modding Tutorials


FiveM Modding Tutorial

Hi there guys! Today, I will be showing a tutorial on how to stream your addon melee weapons! I will release another tutorial for guns since the process for that was a bit tricky.

To do this, its recommended that you know your basics of streaming addons. I will add a template below for those who don’t want to search for these files.

Add-on Melee Weapon Temp.rar (6.8 KB)

Step 1

First, you will need to get your models and put them in your stream folder. These models must include .YDR, .YDT, and +hi.YTD files as shown, or the weapon will not show properly. If the model is named after a weapon in-game, change the name.


Step 2

Open the Template pack and put the files into your resource.

Step 3

Open the weapons.meta file and replace all the WEAPON_NAME and WEAPON_MODEL_HERE as shown below. It’s important that you make sure all the names match the example below, or it may not function correctly


Step 4

Open the rest of the meta files and replace the names as shown.









Step 5

Save and close everthing, and insert the resource into your server.cfg. Start your server and spawn in your weapon. Finished!


Q: Do the slot order numbers have to be different?
A: No, though if you do use the same slot order numbers, you may force a weapon out of your inventory.

Q: Why is the pickup hash a knife?
A: FiveM has some troubles using custom pickups.meta and may cause players to crash during or post game. Using other weapon pickup hashes seem to work just fine.

Q: Can you change the weapon animations?
A: Yes! You can find more weapon animations in any weaponanimations.meta in OpenIV.

Q: Can you stream weapons that were made to be replaces?
A: Yes! With melee weapons, its simple, but with guns, it requires a bit more effort to implement.

Q: How to I spawn my weapon in?
A: Due to it being a new weapon, it will not show up anywhere in-game unless you modify a ped to have it by default. Use vMenu or Lamba to spawn it in.

I hope you guys make use of this! Sometime soon I will release a detailed tutorial for adding addon guns. Thank you for taking the time to read and enjoy!

[I cant post in the tutorials section, so if someone can move this to the tutorial section, i’d appreciate it]


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  1. TheRaf3D1

    Hello, i followed the tutorial about general weapon addons but it didn’t work, can i get any help? despite me doing everything like the tutorial said the addon doesn’t work

    1. Hi TheRaf3D1,
      did you receive any errors on your console or server console?

      1. TheRaf3D1

        no, not at all

        1. Ah man. I’m sorry for that.

          1. TheRaf3D1

            yeah, if i send you a link to the resource i made, could you tell me what i did wrong?

  2. TheRaf3D1

    the resource loads correctly but it doesn’t appear at all when i try to spawn it, vMenu tells me i am not streaming it correctly, but i am

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