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[How-to] [screenshot-basic] Create image upload server and use it with gcphone – Modding Tutorials


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Hi there!

I noticed that many people have problems with the correct configuration of screenshot-basic.
Screenshot-basic allows you to take screenshots in the game, and for example send them via gcphone.

1. Download image-server and NodeJS.

At the beginning we have to create an image server. In this case, we will use one of the open-source projects.


You also need NodeJS, which you can download here:


If you have installed everything, go to the next step.

2. Configure and launch image-server.

In the first step, run command prompt and with the cd command go to the folder where you moved the image-server.

If you are already in this location, run the following command:

npm install

Then rename the config.example.json file to config.json.
If the port indicated in the config is closed, change it to open.

If you have done everything, you can start image-server using the:

node app.js
3. Additionaly step, configure gcphone.

Go to gcphone/static/config/config.json, and complete it as follows:

“enableTakePhoto”: true,
“fileUploadService_Url”: “http://ipadress:3555/upload/”,
“fileUploadService_Field”: “files[]”,

Black photos are common, try to take pictures in the window. If that doesn’t work, reset the screenshot-basic. If you have any problems, write to me.


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