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[How-To] Change your Skydome Texture – Modding Tutorials

FiveM Modding Tutorial

Howdy People, this How-To/Tutorial is supposed to show you the right way to change your skydome texture.

Too Lazy to Learn? Heres a video!

Alright, so I’ve Terrov Graphics Pack put in, so Iโ€™m unsure if the recordsdata wanted are available base FiveM. In the event that they donโ€™t, set up Terrov, itโ€™s good.

Step 1: Navigate to your FiveM Utility Knowledge to make sure the recordsdata are there
Step 2: As soon as There, go into citizen > platform > textures
Step 3: Guarantee skydome.ytd is there, whether it is transfer on. If not set up Terrov (or your personal that you just select, I ainโ€™t your dad)
Step 4: Open OpenIV
Step 5: Press File, Open Folder, discover the textures folder that I had you navigate to and open it in OpenIV
Step ^: Activate edit mode, open skydome.ytd, change starfield

Increase, carried out. Launch up FiveM and take a look at your new sky. I personally recommend Version 3 of the Blue Stars after Iโ€™m not utilizing Pleased Faces.


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