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How to Fixing invalid Poly Edge references Modding Tutorials

[How-to] Fixing invalid Poly Edge references – Modding Tutorials


FiveM Modding Tutorial

We’ve all been there – you make your new shiny server, put in some custom maps and whatnot, and the next thing you know – your F8 console is literally overflowing with scary messages such as these:

(not my picture, stole it from a topic on the forum)

Now, a quick disclaimer, this is NOT a bug nor does this log entry indicate of any inherent “issues” with the asset that will affect gameplay. From my rather limited testing, the difference in client and server performance between having an asset that has faulty polyedge references and a “fixed” one is very negligible due to FiveM’s streaming module fixing them automatically (that’s exactly what the message tries to tell you). That said, the process of fixing it is amazingly simple, and here you go:

  • Download Smallo’s YMAP&YBN Mover tool
  • Next, open the app, on the top tab click on Tools → Poly Edge Fixer. You will now have a new window open.
  • Lastly, drag all YBN, YDR and YDD files you want to fix into the new window’s blank white space and click Start at the bottom left corner. The tool will now process all of the files you put in and fix any faulty references. It might take a while depending on how many assets you put in for processing and how powerful your system is.

Yeah, like I said, simple! :smiley:

Should you make backups of the original files? The proper answer is yes, but… not really. I have genuinely run more than 1 thousand different assets through this so far and it never broke anything. Of course, it’s up to you, and it’s generally better to have backups.
I’m honestly very surprised by just how many servers have these entries. Even the likes of the most popular, most played servers are infested with assets that have incorrect poly edge references. No longer!

I understand that this guide is quite simple and all, but considering the current spread of the situation described I believe it’s in our best interest to spread this one around. Who doesn’t love a squeky clean client log file? :wink:

P.S. To any of the MLO / Map makers, the latest GIMS Evo versions should have fixed the cause of the log entries, but it’s still worth running all your assets through the app before posting them. Hell, even a new MRPD release by a very known modder had this. Goes to show the lack of awareness, hah.

Slap that like button if you found this useful and spread the word to servers that have this “issue”, let’s eradicate those incorrect poly edge references!


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