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How to fix Crewphone (number problem ###-####) – Tutorial


Did you get the Crewphone/gcPhone and have a problem with generating the number?

If you have a problem with the number-generation or number-showing and they are like ###-#### ?

The solution is easy!

Add this function to the es_extended client.lua:

TriggerServerEvent(‘crew:onPlayerLoaded’, GetPlayerServerId(PlayerId()))

Here’s an example:

AddEventHandler('esx:restoreLoadout', function()
	local playerPed = PlayerPedId()
	local ammoTypes = {}

	RemoveAllPedWeapons(playerPed, true)

	for k,v in ipairs(ESX.PlayerData.loadout) do
		local weaponName =

		GiveWeaponToPed(playerPed, weaponName, 0, false, false)
		SetPedWeaponTintIndex(playerPed, weaponName, v.tintIndex)

		local ammoType = GetPedAmmoTypeFromWeapon(playerPed, weaponName)

		for k2,v2 in ipairs(v.components) do
			local componentHash = ESX.GetWeaponComponent(weaponName, v2).hash

			GiveWeaponComponentToPed(playerPed, weaponName, componentHash)

		if not ammoTypes[ammoType] then
			AddAmmoToPed(playerPed, weaponName, v.ammo)
			ammoTypes[ammoType] = true
	TriggerServerEvent('crew:onPlayerLoaded', GetPlayerServerId(PlayerId()))
	isLoadoutLoaded = true


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Code example

Have fun!

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