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[How-To] Create/modify your own add-on car – Modding Tutorials


FiveM Modding Tutorial

This will teach you how to make ANY car into an add-on car, regardless if it was supposed to replace a car or not. This is a good choice for people who wish to keep all the original cars of the game while having their favorite cars installed. Also this is a good way to make your car customizable, so you can make any edits you want to it, whether you want to make a super tank jeep that’s indestructible… Or you want to make your SUV stop tipping over by editing its handling entry.

I have a file that contains some basic instructions on how to do this, and also contains instructions on how to modify your car.

This is the example file with all the information/instructions:

Here is a list of websites that will help you find other bits of info on modifying cars:

Edit handling.meta

Edit vehicles.meta

About Siren and Light IDs

Vehicle Name/Hashes for Audio/Other Entries

Weapon Hash List for Vehicle/Reward Weapons

Color Index for carvariations.meta

I hope this provides a decent amount of useful information, like making ANY car have sirens and such.


I added more things in the handling.meta and vehicles.meta files. Now you can see how to add weapons to vehicles, but ONLY if the vehicle model supports vehicle weapons.


I added a file that gives a small handful of weapon hashes that can be used for vehicle weapons, all of them I had proven works well with armed vehicles. This hash list gives a brief description of each of the proven weapon hashes.


Added a new weapon hash to the weapon hash info document ( VEHICLE_WEAPON_TURRET_INSURGENT ), and sorted it alphabetically.


Original source:

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