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How To: Create a FivePD server

Welcome to a brand new FiveM tutorial on! In the present day we are going to present you find out how to create a FivePD server.

What’s FivePD?

FivePD is a gamemode for FiveM, where players can obtain the role as a police officer. The mod was initially started in December of 2019. It is inspired by the single-player mod ‘LSPD;FR’. The distinction is: FivePD is for the multiplayer, so you’ll be able to play with buddies or as a neighborhood. You are able to do visitors stops, arrest AI, reply to 911 calls, and extra.

Download the mod

Official mod download (server mod): Click here
Mods for FivePD*: Click here

*Extensions of FivePD. You’ll be able to lengthen the mod and add new features for those who prefer to.

The way to set up it to your present server

You probably have a Zaphosting server for FiveM, you’ll be able to drag & drop the useful resource (obtain above) to your assets folder (by way of FTP). Afterwards, import the database, included within the information, to your Zap database.

See a detailed tutorial here.

The way to set up it (Normal – PC/VPS)

  1. Be sure FiveM is setup appropriately. Extra info could be discovered on this website.
  2. Obtain the newest launch of FivePD from here.
  3. Go to serverserver-data in your server’s set up listing.
  4. Extract the FivePD folder from the downloaded copy of FivePD to the serverserver-dataresources folder.
  5. Navigate again to the serverserver-data folder and open the server.cfg file with a textual content editor.
  6. Add ensure FivePD to the top of the part with related “begin” traces:
Begin traces out of your server.cfg file

Afterwards, import the database and you are carried out! Wasn’t that hard, right?

Video tutorial

You can even comply with the directions of this video. You will be taught on find out how to create a FivePD mod server.

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