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[HOW-TO] Changing Clothing File Names In Bulk! – Modding Tutorials

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[Changing Clothing File Names In Bulk!]

I am building a server and came around to the part where i needed to implement clothing, i noticed that everyone was saying you need to rename each and every file of the clothing to match its parent file. I have here a super simple, super fast method to doing it.

Step 1: Put all the files you want to rename in the same folder

Step 2: Make a Text file called โ€œrename.txtโ€ and insert the following


@echo off
set /p Var1="giveaname: "
for %%a in (*) do (
if not %%a == rename.bat (rename "%%a" "%Var1%%%a")

Step 3: Turn that file into a .bat file, in other works rename it to โ€œrename.batโ€

Step 4: Make sure its in the same file as the folders you want to rename

Step 5: Run the .bat, enter the name you want to change it to ex. โ€œmp_f_freemode_01^โ€ and click enter.

AND DONE all your files will be ready to go, if your having trouble following my txt here please watch my 60s video explaining the process!

Hopefully this helps!

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