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[How-to] Change your servername’s color – Modding Tutorials


FiveM Modding Tutorial

If you want to change your server list, this tutorial is the way to go. Edit the sv_hostname "" section of your server configuration.

Note: You must be a part of the FiveM Element Club and be using your own server key for this to work within the server list!

^0 is White (#F0F0F0)
^1 is Red (#F44336)
^2 is Green (#4CAF50)
^3 is Yellow (#FFEB3B)
^4 is Blue (#42A5F5)
^5 is Light Blue (#03A9F4)
^6 is Purple (#9C27B0)
^7 is White (#F0F0F0)
^8 is Orange (#FF5722)
^9 is Grey (#9E9E9E)

Here is an example of how you would use these colours:

sv_hostname "^1My ^2FXServer ^3Wew!"

Would display in the server list (“dark” “theme”) as:

and without “dark” “theme”:

I hope I was able to help members who have been looking at and wondering how do do this.

Have fun with these,

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2019-09-23T14:30:00Z: This topic was updated by @Jaymo to improve accuracy (removing inaccurate information) and to add an edit history.

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